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How to Check Your Tyres

The age of your tyres and how many miles they have done are two major indicators of tyre wear, but there are many things which can cause damage or excessive wear to your tyres. Harsh braking, under-inflation, over-inflation and driving on poor quality roads can all exacerbate inevitable wear and tear.

You can check your tyres for these issues easily yourself.

The wheels of your car can sometimes come out of alignment and this can cause the tyres to wear rapidly and unevenly. If your wheels are not balanced, the first thing you will notice from inside the car is a wobble in the steering wheel at high speeds. If the inner or outer edge of your tyres appears unevenly worn this is also a sign that the wheels have come out of alignment.

If you think your tyres might be over-inflated, look for increased wear in the tread in the centre of the tyre. This occurs because the centre of an over-inflated tyre bulges outwards and comes under more pressure from the road surface. Similarly, if your tyres are under-inflated they will wear more at the edges.

To find out more about checking your tyres for wear you can get in touch with the team at Vision Vauxhall. We can also balance your wheels if they are out of alignment, so if you spot this problem with your vehicle please contact us to make an appointment.