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How to Check Tyre Pressure 

Before the start of a long journey and every two weeks, you should check the pressure of each of your vehicle’s tyres. Underinflated tyres can negatively affect braking and grip, and therefore your safety on the road. Here we explain how to check your model’s tyre pressure in a few simple steps. The accompanying Vauxhall video also explains the process in more detail.

What you will need

All you will need for this task is the owner’s manual, a tyre pressure gauge and an electric or foot pump.

How to check the tyre pressure

Before checking the tyre pressure be sure to park off the road away from moving traffic and on a flat surface. It is best to check the pressure when the tyres are cold, as warm tyres can give an inaccurate reading. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Check the owner’s manual to find the correct tyre pressure level
  2. Remove the valve cap and keep it somewhere safe
  3. Attach the gauge firmly and make note of the reading
  4. At the same time, inspect the tyres for any cuts or bulges that show damage
  5. Screw the valve cap back on

If any of the tyres need inflating, attach the electric or foot pump, inflate them slightly, and recheck the pressure using the steps above.


Air usually escapes from tyres slowly, and often through the valve. Check for any splits by gently bending the valve side to side.

Vision Vauxhall can properly maintain your vehicle’s tyres at our fully equipped service centre in Stafford and Wednesbury. Call or enquire online to arrange a visit or for any more guidance.