How to Change a Tyre | Vision Vauxhall

How to Change a Tyre

You never know when or where you may encounter a flat or damaged tyre, so knowing how to replace one yourself is an important part of owning a vehicle. Here we explain the simple steps you need to take, to accompany the straightforward explainer video from Vauxhall that you can watch below.

What you will need

To replace a punctured or damaged wheel you will need the spare wheel, jack, wheel brace, and alloy wheel socket (if fitted), which can all be found in the boot. 

Changing the tyre

Where possible, park on a flat surface away from traffic so that you can safely move around the car to replace the damaged wheel. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Loosen each bolt by half a turn using the wheel brace
  2. Place the jack at the mounting point as shown in the owner’s manual and lift the car until the wheel is clear of the ground
  3. Remove the bolts and lift the wheel away
  4. Place the spare wheel in position and tighten each bolt by hand
  5. Partly tighten all bolts again using the wheel brace
  6. Lower the car and remove the jack
  7. Fully tighten each bolt in a cross sequence


Most modern cars are fitted with a space-saver spare wheel which is only suitable for getting to a garage and at a limited speed. You should therefore get the damaged tyre fixed and refitted as soon as possible for the safety of you and all other motorists.

Vision Vauxhall offers a complete tyre sales and fitting service to maintain your model’s performance and safety. Contact us online or by phone for more guidance on changing a tyre yourself or to request our help.