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How to Guides​

It is not generally difficult to learn how to carry out simple visual checks and simple maintenance procedures on your car – yet many of us automatically consider any flaw to be a matter for professionals. Whilst more complex problems should probably be handled by your local accredited dealership, actions such as checking your tyre tread depth, changing a tyre or monitoring your oil and coolant levels are easily performed at home.

The videos below offer clear, step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of maintenance tasks. Whether you have just passed your test and require information on how to keep your car running smoothly, or an experienced driver looking to jog your memory with the right way to carry out certain procedures, we hope that you will find these guides to be useful.

If you are unsure of the effectiveness of your efforts, or if you need anything from our extensive store of official parts, do not hesitate to contact the aftersales team at Vision Vauxhall.