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How to Prepare Your Vauxhall for Winter

Vauxhall vehicles are renowned for being some of the most reliable and low maintenance in the world. However, all cars need a little love and care from time to time, particularly during the winter months. This can not only help to keep your car safe during cold and wet weather, but will also help to retain a high resale price on your vehicle. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of handy tips to help keep your Vauxhall in tip top shape this winter.

Change your oil

Ensure that you have climate-appropriate oil this winter. Oil tends to thicken during colder weather, causing it to less-effectively lubricate your engine. Speak to our experienced technicians for recommendations on the best oil for your Vauxhall.

Inspect coolant levels

A 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water is essential during winter and will help to prevent your Vauxhall’s engine block from freezing. These cost thousands to repair, but maintenance through regularly inspecting your coolant levels, is relatively time and cost free.

Check your tyre tread and pressure

A minimum of 3mm tread depth is recommended during winter, to allow the tyres to best grip the roads. Always follow the manual to ensure that your tyre pressure is correct. Specific winter tyres are recommended for those living in more remote areas, where icy and wet roads can be more of a challenge.

Stock up on de-icer

Ensure that de-icer and a scraper are always available; you never know when you’re going to need it. Never pour hot water onto an icy windscreen, as this can cause it to crack. Other handy essentials worth keeping in the boot include a blanket, torch and first aid kit.

Check the health of your wiper blades

Squeaky blades could be a sign that your wipers are damaged or perished, and should be checked by a trained technician. Healthy looking and sounding blades can be cleaned with vinegar or diluted methylated spirit.

Inspect your lights

Ensure that all lights are clean and working properly. Snow should be removed before each journey and headlights should be used when visibility is reduced. Fog lights are encouraged during extreme conditions only, as these can obscure your break lights and dazzle fellow drivers.

For further information and support on the maintenance of your Vauxhall, contact our manufacturer-qualified technicians today. We are currently offering 25 point winter checks and no-obligation advice, so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind this winter.

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