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At Vision Vauxhall we are proudly offer the complete line up of new Vauxhall cars and vans. The latest range is truly outstanding and offers something for everyone whatever you are looking for. And it doesn't stop there because the latest design and technology is now delivering unprecedented levels of fuel efficiency and low running costs.

Vauxhall is an iconic British brand with a pedigree of over 100 years of producing superbly designed and built cars with the latest range epitomising the hallmarks of quality and desirability. And what better seal of approval than the ultimate expression of commitment to quality in the Lifetime warranty now available on all new cars for up to 100,000 miles or for as long as you keep the car. All new Vauxhall cars also come with up to five years 0% flexible finance.

At Vision Vauxhall we love cars and our experienced sales team are familiar with every intricate detail to be able to give you the best impartial advice you need when deciding which specification suits you best. The range spans across the Agila, Corsa, Astra, Meriva, GTC, Insignia, Zafira Tourer, Antara, Adam and Mokka so to find out more about any of our new cars, click on one of the links below or contact our dealership in Stafford or Wednesbury for further details.